2017 Asian Student and Young Artist Art Festival
July 25 – August 6, 2017, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea

Studio [작업실], 2′ 45″, 2013~2017

Each frame of a hand drawn animation is an unique painting that in the eyes of the audience lives 1/15 of a second. For 2017 Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival, the moving image and the paintings are on display. The projection includes two loop animations, The Moon Jar (2013) and Afternoon Tea (2014), and the artist’s most famous work, Hootchu (2015). The 2014 prize winning photograph series, Portrait Series_Since (2014) and its continuing series, Portrait Series_Continued (2017) are also on display.

애니메이션은 1초에 많게는15장, 적게는 12장의 프레임이 들어간다. 보통은 그렇게 완성된 영상만 작품으로 보여지고 그 과정인 드로잉들은 보여지지 않는 경우가 많다. 하지만 한장 한장을 일일이 그리는 수작업 애니메이션은 프레임 하나 하나가 과정이자 완성된 이미지다. 이번 작품은 영상과 프레임을 함께 설치하여 얼마나 많은 정성과 또 얼마나 많은 찰나의 순간이 모여 하나의 작품이 만들어지는지 보여준다.

애니메이션 작품으로는 달항아리 The Moon Jar (2013), 오후의 차Afternoon Tea (2014),  후추 Hootchu (2015)의 영상과 프레임이, 사진 작품으로는 2014년 아시아프 프라이즈를 수상한 초상화 연작 Portrait Series_Since(2014)와 현재까지 이어지는 그 후속 시리즈  Portrait Series Continued가 상영중이다.



Portrait Series_ Since, 2014



Portrait Series_ Since, 2014
Digital print, 13 x 19 inches (individual photograph)

Portrait Series_ Since is a series of still-life ‘portraits’ of people who helped the artist feel part of a community. Each photograph stands for a friend in the US where the artist was residing during the creation of the series or a family member in Korea. With objects collected over the years, the artist arranged small sculptures to portray the subjected person’s personalities, characteristics, and her/his relationship with the artist. Each photograph is titled after the name of the person and the year the artist met her/him. The series is a documentation in remembrance of the time spent together.

Award Winning Series 2014 ASYAAF Prize, Chosun Daily, Seoul, South Korea



Portrait Series_ continued, ongoing series

                                    Jung Hyun Kim, 2014        Green Shin, 2017              Soo Bok Ok, 2017

                                    Jihee Lee, 2017                Sawool Kim, 2015             Eunice Choi, 2017             Leo Lee, 2017


Portrait Series_ continued, ongoing series

Digital print, 32 x 40 cm (individual photograph)

The portrait series continues as the artist moves back to Korea. Yet what she encounters is not the warmth of home, but a hint of loneliness. Again the artist observes her acquaintances’ inner portrayals through playful assemblies of found objects weaving together the affectionate gaze upon somewhat gloomy and phallic representations.